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Introduction to the installation details of colored stone coated metal tiles

Issuing time:2023-04-05 09:12

1. Before the construction of the roof leveling layer, clean the base layer to ensure that there is no residue on the surface of the concrete base layer.

2. The leveling layer shall be leveled with 20mm thick C20 fine stone concrete. The leveling layer shall be flat and solid without hollowing, sanding, cracks, loosening and ash.

3. Before construction, the base surface of the leveling layer should be fully moistened with water, but it should not have obvious water accumulation. The prepared paint mortar should be used up within 20 minutes. The cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof paint should be applied vigorously back and forth to ensure unevenness. Apply evenly at the yin and yang corners, and there should be no overly thick deposits to prevent cracking at the overly thick areas.

4. The waterproof layer of the polyurethane coating film requires the base surface to be flat, clean, and free of sand. When loosening the construction, first apply a layer of primer. The primer must be evenly cured. One vertical crossing to prevent missing scratches. After the completion of 3-5 times of painting in sequence, before the waterproof layer is cured, no people are allowed, and the next process is not allowed to avoid damage to the waterproof layer.

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