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What are the advantages of colored stone metal tiles?

Issuing time:2023-04-07 12:05

Colored stone caoted metal tiles are now more and more widely used, and various structures can be easily used. High-quality colored stone metal tiles can improve the grade of the roof under the premise of guarantee. What are the advantages of colored stone metal tiles over other tiles?

1. Noise reduction: The surface of the colored stone metal tile is covered with a layer of natural basalt colored sand, which can absorb the sound of rain and reduce noise.

2. Durability: The colored stone metal tile is composed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel plate and natural basalt colored sand, which can effectively guarantee its long-term service life.

3. Fire resistance: In case of fire, it will not spread the fire and is safe to use.

4. Heat insulation: Colored stone metal tiles are composed of natural basalt colored sand particles, so they can inhibit the rapid rise in temperature in summer.

5. Lightness: The total weight of the tile is light, which reduces the load-bearing of the building.

6. Convenience of construction: light weight, large area and complete accessories, which greatly reduce the difficulty of construction and effectively shorten the construction time.

7. Environmental protection: colored stone metal tiles can be reused to reduce waste disposal costs.

8. Earthquake resistance: When an earthquake occurs, metal tiles will not slip off like ordinary tiles, reducing injuries.

9. Economical type: For the construction on the roof of old buildings, according to the actual situation of each roof, the removal of roof materials can be reduced and the construction can be done directly, so that the cost of waste disposal can be minimized.

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